At Benjamin Property Services Ltd, we work with a range of busy professionals and corporations that value over 40 years of our property, project management, and client care experience. Our diverse UK and International clientele include:

  • C-Level Senior Executives (Partners & Directors)

  • Sophisticated Investors (HNWIs / Tier 1 Investors & Entrepreneurs)

  • High-Growth Entrepreneurs / Family Businesses / Family Offices

As a result of what we do at Benjamin Property Services Ltd, busy professionals increase their residential property portfolio in the London or Kent areas within the UK. We help to secure real estate that will add £3million or more to a family or individuals net worth in just 3 months.

We work with corporations to establish relocation properties or serviced apartments for their corporate executives or entrepreneurs.

Have received all the paperwork to make an informed decision on the investment opportunities

P. Walker, Director

I have recently provided a brief for finding a home for us, which was a seamless process. Communication has been easy and I look forward to being in a new place in the next 3 months 

CB, Head of Department

If you are looking for property professionals with client-focused experience then look no further

Mr Walker, CEO