Property Sourcing (Property Finding Service)

We source properties and land in London and Kent areas on behalf of busy professionals that would like to create a new or increase an existing property portfolio or relocate from across the UK or abroad to London or Kent. We use a client-focused approach to gather information from the prospective client and write a brief which details their exact requirements. You can complete one of the online forms Investment Property Sourcing or Relocation Property Criteria or Schedule a Consultation. Once the brief has been agreed. A property consultant is then allocated to the client and any new client is required to sign a Sourcing Agreement and pay a *Commitment Fee (click on the link to pay online through PayPal or an invoice can be sent. You can pay for the commitment prior to signing the sourcing agreement, we will arrange for you to officially sign which can be done digitally).

8 Step Property Sourcing Process 

*We are committed to sourcing / finding a property for you within 3 months. A commitment fee for sourcing is £1,000 for new clients and a 1.5% commission on the purchase price (minimum fee £4,500). We source through solicitors, repossessions, auction houses, landlords and others. Part of the active sourcing is to make additional connections to find the property with your specifications which include marketing in the area specified in the brief that you have provided to us.

Project Management

We project manage high-end developments in London – South, South West, South East or Kent – Bromley, Bickley, Chislehurst and the surrounding areas on behalf of investors who finance them. Our client-focused approach will ensure you are kept updated on progress and this information will be detailed in any JV agreement. We can also collaborate with developers on new or existing projects as we have extensive experience in project managing large infrastructure projects which can be transferable to small-scale developments. For clients who have commissioned us to source their properties, we can also add-on the project management service as a complete package.

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