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Excellence in Client & Project Management 


Benjamin Property Services Ltd provides a bespoke high-end property service for busy professionals and companies. The value we bring is over 40 years of property and project management experience and we strive for excellence in client and project management in the built environment. Services offered: Property / Land Sourcing and Joint Venturing on Developments in London - South, South West, South East or Kent - Bromley, Bickley, Chislehurst and the surrounding areas. Note: All other areas in London and Kent are considered particularly if there is an opportunity to add value and return on investment.


Property / Land Sourcing


We source properties and land in London and Kent areas on behalf of busy professionals that would like to create a new or increase an existing property portfolio. Using a client-focused approach we gather information from the prospective client and write a brief which details the exact requirement from the client. A property consultant is then allocated to the client and any new client is required to sign a sourcing agreement and pay a commitment fee.

Joint Venturing on Developments


We project manage high-end developments in London - South, South West, South East or Kent - Bromley, Bickley, Chislehurst and the surrounding areas on behalf of investors who finance them. We source the land or property to develop residential dwellings for a significant return on investment. Each development will be incorporated into a special purpose vehicle (limited company) and managed on behalf of the client. In most cases, the exit strategy will be to sell the property/properties and split the net profit 50:50. Our client-focused approach will ensure you are kept updated on progress and this information will be detailed in any JV agreement. We can also collaborate with developers on new or existing projects as we have extensive experience in project managing large infrastructure projects which can be transferable to small-scale developments.


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