Property Search

Whether you want to increase your monthly income through property investment. Part of your wealth creation strategy is to buy property below market value, refurbish and sell (flip) for a significant profit. Or you are relocating to the London or Kent areas in the United Kingdom and need help. We source and negotiate the purchase for you. 1.5% commission on each negotiated purchase. New clients pay a refundable commitment fee paid back through the first property purchase.

Area Tours

Orientation or area tours are accompanied tours of up to three pre-chosen London or Kent areas. During the full day tour, you will be shown up to 5 example properties and provided with information on services, amenities and leisure activities within the areas.

Project Manage Refurbishments

We can project manage the refurbishment of London and Kent residential real estate on behalf of busy professionals including company directors, family offices and corporate executives that wish to invest (buy-to-rent), relocate or buy-to-sell (flip).

Online Pay with Stripe

Please pay for the services online here or request an invoice. Review the real estate sourcing agreement which will be included with the invoice if you are purchasing off-market real estate sourcing. You will receive the agreement separately if you pay for the Property Search Fee, which is refunded on the first property purchase.