Building real estate wealth with over 10 years of expertise

Based in London United Kingdom

Lena Benjamin

Lena Benjamin, Property Consultant

With extensive real estate experience, Lena is best placed to empower your real estate portfolio or a one-off purchase. She has multiple years of experience working with London estate agents on sales and lettings negotiations. Landlord experience in the London and Kent areas including project managing refurbishments. Global multi-disciplinary plc engineering consultancy firm experience working with multi-million-pound buildings and infrastructure clients. Lena has two London University business degrees including an MBA.


Property Finders

Lena works collaboratively with other property sourcing experts to find off-market real estate opportunities in London and Kent. Each property professional has at least 10 years of experience in the real estate industry whether that be as a landlord or real estate agent. Our focus is to strategise opportunities for building a portfolio or buying a one-off property for return on investment and equity.


Other Real Estate Professionals

Lena will work collaboratively with other property professionals in the built environment including architects and surveyors if required by the client. The focus is transforming real estate in prime and regeneration areas of London and Kent into income generating assets. To empower the wealth and legacy builders of high net worth individuals worldwide including company directors, corporate executives and family offices.