Lena Benjamin

Property Search Consultant BA (Hons) MBA, has over 10 years of property professional experience and client management expertise. Multiple years of experience working with London estate agents on sales and lettings negotiations. Landlord experience in the London and Kent areas including project managing refurbishments. Global multi-disciplinary plc engineering consultancy firm experience working with multi-million-pound buildings and infrastructure clients. Lena has two business degrees achieved from London universities, a Master of Business Administration (MBA, 2010) and a business studies degree specialising in marketing (BA Hons, 1999). Interests: Travelling, business collaborating. Contact Lena

* We source specifically according to the property brief identified with the client and negotiate its purchase. We search with the brief in mind to guarantee mutual benefit. Whether you want to achieve property investment. Part of your wealth creation strategy is to buy property below market value, refurbish and sell (flip). Or you are relocating to the United Kingdom (London or Kent areas) and need help. A commission of 1.5% is charged on each negotiated purchase. New clients pay a refundable commitment fee of £1,000 paid back through the first property purchase.
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