Building Your Property Portfolio

Wealth Managers are actively working with their clients to build investment portfolios for those reaching the age of 55. Many of those aged 45-54 years old are being strategic about their retirement plans and will be extracting money from their UK pensions to build yet another income stream through property investment, once they reach the age of 55.

At Benjamin Property Services Ltd, on behalf of partners, company directors and entrepreneurs around the world, we are helping them to build another income stream and capitalise on Brexit. Our focus is source property investment opportunities with those who are strategic about their retirement and have the capital to invest. 

Want to Build an Investment Portfolio in London or Kent? Or, are you a Wealth Manager Interested in Introducing Clients for a 20% commission. Get in touch with Benjamin Property Services Ltd today

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We are committed to sourcing / finding a property for you within 3 months. A commitment fee for sourcing is £1,000 for new clients and a 1.5% commission on the purchase price (minimum fee £4,500). We source through solicitors, repossessions, auction houses, landlords and others. Part of the active sourcing is to make additional connections to find the property with your specifications which include marketing in the area specified in the brief that you have provided to us.

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Benefit from over 10 years of residential landlord, real estate agency and built environment experience in London and Kent.