Buy Without A Real Estate Agent

When you are purchasing real estate particularly residential it is becoming more prevalent for entrepreneurs, executives, enterprises and home buyers to do so without the services of a real estate agent. A recent poll conducted by Property Business Club showed that 95% of respondents were focused on commissioning the services of a professional property finders like us at Benjamin Property Services in the next 3-6months. If you are strategically focused on buying below market value, refurbishing and flipping or letting out the residential real estate in London and Kent you can get started at We always negotiate directly with the vendor, landlord or property owner to secure a mutually beneficial property deal.

In this article, it will show you how to buy residential real estate without the services of a real estate agent thereby saving you time, expense and maximising profitability or equity. All you need is a conveyancing solicitor with some of the due diligence conducted by us.

This content will look at 4 tips for buying without a real estate agent: 

  1. How to Source Residential Real Estate
  2. Searching, Evaluating and Negotiating
  3. Completing a Memorandum of Sale 
  4. Arranging an Open House

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