Creative Real Estate: Hard Money Lenders

Most savvy entrepreneur, executive or enterprise will be creative when investing in real estate, whether it be an Option and Agree to Buy Later as shown in this recent Property Business Club online members resource. Or alternatively by using short-term capital to bridge the gap to service a real estate opportunity. Being able to capitalise on hard money lenders will require you to demonstrate substantial asset based personal worth as collateral for the loan, such as an owned building like a residential dwelling or commercial venture.

We know that there are always going to be political and economic uncertainties, but this is when the strategic and observant businessperson seeks to capitalise on investment opportunities. This will be particularly true of the innovative entrepreneur focused on relocation to expand the business in London. Businesspeople capitalise on markets in any condition.

Short-term finance

Creativity in real estate like pulling together any business deal requires looking at alternative opportunities to capitalise on residential real estate in London or Kent for a Buy-Renovate-Rent-Refinance Strategy. Hard money lenders are one way to creatively use short term financing of the property deal. Hard money loans are generally secured against the sale value of the property and the loan amount is usually up to 70% of the sale value of the property. Fantastic opportunity for the buying below market value (BMV), renovating to add value and then flipping/selling the property within 6 months to a year.

As a savvy businessperson you will use other peoples money (OPM) in order to benefit from a deal and being a savvy investor and innovator you will want to use the services of residential real estate professionals with over 10 years of experience. At Benjamin Property Services we are strategically focused on helping entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises to source off-market properties to transform into income generating assets, particularly in areas that are ripe for these opportunities. Real estate will always be the number one asset for the savvy investor, people including investors need somewhere to live and work.

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The benefits of registering as an introducer include receiving 20% commission from our commission on all negotiated property purchases for a period of 12 months. To highlight the financial opportunity, once the client has been secured and the property search has negotiated a property purchase of £1million, for instance, the Introducer would receive £3,000. The Introducer will be eligible for ongoing commissions should the introduced client use the services again within a 12 month period. You’ll also receive a complimentary membership to the Property Business Club.

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Please note that introduced clients should be those with disposable income, high net worth or ultra high net worth status or have access to funds, with an active interest in off-market property search for purchase in London and/or Kent.

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