Interview with Lisa Wise, CEO at Flock DC – Ep.#23

On today’s podcast episode our guest is Lisa Wise, founder and CEO of FlocK DC, a property management company founded in 2009, based in Washington DC in the USA where I visited in 2015. Lisa describes her employee-owned company as cause-driven, entrepreneurial, and community focused. Visit

Episode 23 of the Property Business Club Podcast

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Some questions asked

  1. Overall I’ve over 20 years of business and startup experience with 2 business degrees, 10 plus years as a residential landlord in London and Kent within the UK, real estate agent with global Plc built environment expertise, and I love to hear when a company is disrupting anything particularly real estate. You wrote in your bio that Flock is disrupting the property management industry – what do you mean by that? 
  2. Tell us about the two brands you’ve launched – Roost DC and Starling DC?
  3. What are your future business growth plans and where do you see Flock in 5 years?

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