Most frequent questions and answers

We source off-market below market value real estate in the prime and regeneration areas of London and Kent and other parts of the UK. We also offer the project management of refurbishments and area/orientation tours for those relocating to the London or Kent areas including overseas sophisticated investors. Visit the Services page. There’s now online access to real estate wealth building resources via the Property Business Club.

We charge all new clients an initial refundable commitment fee of £1,000. This is used to source and negotiate the property or properties to purchase directly from the landlord, seller/vendor. We then charge a 1.5% commission on each negotiated property purchased through the property finding service which is paid via the legal representative minus the commitment fee on the first negotiated property purchase. Visit Services page to see the other charges. 

Wealth and legacy builders including sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises. You can introduce these contacts for commissions amounting to £30,000+ per year. View the Introducer Agreement to get started. 

Financially distressed / below market value /off-market properties. Equally, properties going through probate or repossession requiring development to turn those into income generating assets and/or increased equity are flags we look for when we are commissioned to work on behalf of clients on bespoke real estate sourcing. 

We identify the client property strategy provided by an online brief or via a scheduled call. We ask new clients to pay a refundable commitment fee and then over a 3month period we source and negotiate charging just 1.5% commission on the negotiated property purchase minus the initial commitment fee.View the Property Search Agreement for digital signing. 

Prime and regeneration areas of London and Kent. London Zone 1 (including Prime areas) | London Zone 2 | London Zone 3 | London Zone 4. In Kent Bromley and other areas across the UK. Complete the New Client Registration at benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/newclient