Off Market Property Search Refundable Fee & Commission

New Client Refundable Commitment Fee

£1,000 payable on instruction and agreeing on the Property Brief. We are committed to finding you a property or properties within 3 months and negotiating purchase(s). The sourcing is usually off-market with due diligence to guarantee a mutually beneficial opportunity. The commitment fee is deducted from the property finding final success fees for a property that meets the client brief and is being purchased by the client. If you do not complete, on the property or properties presented in our comprehensive reports, within 3 months a refund is provided minus an administrative fee of £250.

Success Fee 

There is a 1.5% commission on the purchase price (minimum fee £4,500). The new client commitment fee is refunded through the first property purchase. For properties sourced between £500,000 – £10,000,000.

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You can also review the Property Search Agreement.

Area Tour Fees

Area tours or Orientation tours are charged per day or per half day
  • £195 – per half day (One area)
  • £395 – per day (Up to 3 areas)

Orientation tours are accompanied tours of up to three pre-chosen areas. During the full day tour, you will be shown up to 5 example properties and provided with information on services, amenities and leisure activities within the areas. School information can be provided upon request.


Project Manage Refurbishment Fee

We can also project manage refurbishments or refer the work to other property professionals. 

Example 1: Fixed fee to be confirmed once we understand the work involved. You can pay a £500 deposit which is a per day fee.

Example 2: We refer you to our preferred list of property professionals free of charge. However you may require a project management service and you can pay the £500 deposit which is a per day fee.

Fees for project managing a refurbishment will be agreed beforehand with an invoice sent, payable via Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If after paying the deposit you are not satisfied with the breakdown of costs you will receive a refund of any deposit paid. 


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