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As a savvy businessperson you will have interests in diversifying your investment portfolio to ensure you are receiving cashflow from a variety of sources. At Benjamin Property Services we are strategically focused on helping entrepreneurs, executives and enterprises to source off-market properties to transform into income generating assets, particularly in areas that are ripe for these opportunities. Real estate will always be the number one asset for the savvy investor, people including investors need somewhere to live and work. In this article we’ll focus on property investing and flipping in the London borough of Bromley and why it could be one of the 32 London boroughs that you should be focusing your efforts on.

In the post Residential Focus on London Zone 4, all stations and residential focus indicated are in the London borough of Bromley. You should also consider reading that article to acknowledge the opportunity in the area.

UK Map with Bromley area highlighted


Recently a planning application to develop a London Aerospace and Technology College (LATC) at Biggin Hill was approved with conditions by Bromley Council’s Development Control Committee on Tuesday 23 July, according to the local authority website (bromley.gov.uk). It is important for any entrepreneur, executive or enterprise to acknowledge what is happening in the area that they wish to invest or flip within. There should be a particular focus on what is economically, politically, environmentally or socially happening in the area and how you can not only make money but also contribute to these principle macro-environmental factors. Any residential developments will have an impact on whether planning permission is granted. London borough of Bromley and existing residents are particularly stringent on changes of use and building on plots of land that have a detrimental impact. 

At Benjamin Property Services we are particularly aware of the area and can guide, provide due diligence and scope out off-market opportunities particularly with probate properties.

Area Focus

There are forty-three (43) districts or towns in the London borough of Bromley and a list can be found on Wikipedia here. From Anerley to West Wickham. Each area is lined with trees and green areas so it is great for baby boomers and families. Additionally in certain areas like Beckenham and Crystal Palace the business community is thriving to establish local opportunities for doing business as part of small business community. With the rise of retirees there are opportunities to help bring some of the more dilapidated properties into use by partnering with freeholders to transform buildings into residential mutually beneficial opportunities. 

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At Benjamin Property Services, we source between the value of £500,000 and £10,000,000. Area tours are from £195 to tour one area or £395 to tour three areas for the property search process. Perhaps Beckenham Junction, Clock House or Kent House will be one of the areas you would like to tour if in the UK ready to identify the areas for relocation or investment.

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