How to Renovate for Equity & Cashflow?

To establish equity and profit within the BRRR Strategy, a huge part of being able to increase your net worth, is to Renovate. This can be done successfully with due diligence and valuation guidance from a property professional.

This is where we can help busy professionals like you. How we work is to find those deals in regeneration areas of London and Kent in the UK, negotiate the purchase and secure the exchange and completion with the legal representative. We also work with a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) professional to ensure a professional valuation is identified particularly if a mortgage is not required to finance the property deal. Find out about our property search and negotiated purchase to empower your monthly cashflow from London real estate at

Let’s determine how we can help you acquire a home or investments in the London or Kent areas within the United Kingdom. New clients pay a refundable commitment free of £1,000 which is refunded through the legal representative from the 1.5% commission on the first negotiated property purchase. This is detailed in the Property Search and Acquisition Agreement at

If you’d like to have a chat about a London property investing strategy you can schedule your no-obligation online or international dial-in property consultation today

Alternatively you can get started on your wealth building strategy in London UK by completing the online New Client Registration Form where we will need proof of funds and an idea of what you would like to achieve at

If you haven’t done so already check out the BRRR wealth building strategy video at

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Over 10 years of property professional experience and client management expertise. Multiple years of experience working with London estate agents on sales and lettings negotiations. Landlord experience in the London and Kent areas including project managing refurbishments. Global multi-disciplinary plc engineering consultancy firm experience working with multi-million-pound buildings and infrastructure clients. Lena has two business degrees achieved from London universities, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Westminster (MBA, 2010) and a business studies degree specialising in marketing from London South Bank University (BA Hons, 1999). Visit to empower business worldwide.