Property: Invest or Relocate?

There are going to be a number of business opportunities post Brexit for those of you who recognise that this is the case. This is equally the case with real estate for those who decide to leave the UK and those who decide to relocate from overseas into the UK.

At Benjamin Property Services Ltd, on behalf of busy professionals both inside and outside of the UK, we source/find property in the London and Kent areas for investment/development or relocation purposes. Professionals that will find our services of use are those who are strapped for time but have the finances to commission the services of property professionals.

For example, the tier 1 investor/entrepreneur entering the country with a need to find a place called home or the corporate executive whose goal is to increase their monthly cash flow through property investment…

Benjamin Property Services have the expertise and will go the extra mile to secure an investment property or new home before relocation. Over 30% of property transactions fall through (do not proceed) in the UK due to conflicts of interest from estate agents and the change of minds of vendors. Our experience, negotiation skills, and client focus will ensure you complete in record time. We see the pitfalls before they arise and because our management team has extensive real estate experience including as former estate agent, landlord and corporate professionals we know how to navigate the property landscape in London and the Kent areas.

…Let us take the brief for sourcing a property (investment or relocation)

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We are committed to sourcing / finding a property for you within 3 months. A commitment fee for sourcing is £1,000 for new clients and a 1.5% commission on the purchase price (minimum fee £4,500). We source through solicitors, repossessions, auction houses, landlords and others. Part of the active sourcing is to make additional connections to find the property with your specifications which include marketing in the area specified in the brief that you have provided to us.

The value we bring is over 40 years of property, project management, and client care expertise. Our credentials include an OBE, MBA, CEng, and LLM

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Benefit from over 10 years of residential landlord, real estate agency and built environment experience in London and Kent.