New Client Acquisition Consultant

Commission, Remote (3-6 month role)

The main emphasis of the role would be to secure new clients focused on the Off-Market Property Search in London and Kent service which requires a refundable commitment fee of £1,000 and 1.5% commission on each negotiated property purchase between £500,000 and £10,000,000. This is documented in an agreement and provided with the invoice. The New Client Acquisition Consultant will receive a 20% commission from the 1.5% commission. To highlight the financial opportunity, once the client has been secured and the property search has negotiated a property purchase of £1million, for instance, the consultant would receive £3,000. The consultant will be eligible for ongoing commissions should the  acquired client use the services again within a 12 month period.

• Researching and analysing the marketplace for prospective clients. 
• Maintain on-going relationship with prospects to convert into new business
• Using social media and other sites to find prospects that are exploring property investing or relocation
• Keeping up to speed with relevant news surrounding the residential real estate industry. 
• Signing up prospects on the phone or online using the tools available
• Complete Weekly Acquisition Bulletin
• Raising the profile of Benjamin Property Services on social media and all other platforms. 

Primary Outcomes in 3-6months:
• 4 or 5 Off-Market Property Search clients

Secondary Outcomes in 3-6months:

• 2 or 3 Area tours from those Immigrating to the London or Kent areas

• 1 Project Managing  a Refurbishment to increase value for let or sale

Required Skills:
• Building and developing relationships with prospective clients. 
• Strong communication skills. 
• Desire and drive to start a career in the property industry


You can apply for the role sending an up-to-date CV/resume and cover letter explaining how you would hit the ground running for acquiring new clients to