Ep.11 HMO Refinancing

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Episode 11 of the Property Business Club Podcast

Savvy Investors are focused on developing their House of Multiple Occupants (HMO) portfolio using short-term loan facilities and then refinancing to empower their cashflow. Visit benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk for help with sourcing and negotiating the purchase of real estate opportunities in London and Kent.

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Hello and welcome to the Property Business Club Podcast episode 11. I’m Lena Benjamin, strategic property search consultant at Benjamin Property Services with over 10 years of residential real estate experience this includes multiple years of experience as a Landlord in the London and Kent areas including project managing refurbishments and working with London estate agents on sales and lettings negotiations. I’ve got global multi-disciplinary plc engineering consultancy firm experience working with multi-million-pound buildings and infrastructure clients. I’m also host of this podcast

At Benjamin Property Services – we source and negotiate the purchase of off-market, financially distressed and below market value properties in London & Kent prime and regeneration areas to transform them into income generating assets for company directors, corporate executives, family offices and other sophisticated investors. You can schedule in a free consultation at benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/schedule

Today I’m going to briefly talk about HMO House of Multiple Occupants Refinancing. There are a number of savvy company directors and corporate executives investing in HMOs to alleviate the housing shortage In the UK particularly in the capital. Some use short-term lending facilities to develop the buildings into HMOs. However because these dwellings are being used as long-term cashflow and won’t be sold to cover the short-term loan usually what is called a bridging loan it is now time to refinance the HMO into another loan facility. 

At Benjamin Property Services we are focused on empowering executives and entrepreneurs around the world to invest in real estate in London and Kent to plug the gap on the housing shortage in the London and Kent areas. 

Those same savvy investors are focused on building their portfolio around Crossrail 1 that brings the Elizabeth line in December 2019. The areas on the Elizabeth line that we are presenting an opportunity for investors to start building their HMOs or other building opportunities for buy-refurb-let or buy-refurb-sell include Abbey Wood, Woolwich, Reading, Brentwood and Shenfield. As discussed in a recent podcast this means that investors should start to capitalise on the regeneration areas where there is scope to add value to the local communities and economy. I’ve also suggested that commercial to residential developments are the most cost effective option or the conversion of large houses and townhouses into micro-flats, HMOs or serviced apartment. The Elizabeth line connects to Heathrow airport which will empower business travellers and corporate executives staying in London.

As an investor once you have developed the building into an HMO through a short-term loan facility, it will of course be time to payback that loan through another more cost effective loan facility that will empower your cashflow.

To empower the sourcing and development of your House of Multiple Occupants (HMO) properties or other real estate building ventures in London or Kent visit benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk. If you want to have a quick chat telephone UK direct dial 020 7097 8834 or leave a message on the 24 hour 7 days a week client enquiry line on 020 8720 6460. Or request a callback no matter where you are in the world at benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/callback-request or schedule a call at benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/schedule

I’d like to interview successful real estate professionals from around the world for the Property Business Club Podcast, you can schedule in the interview in your timezone by visiting benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/podcast. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for listening.

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