Ep.12 The Smart Building

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With the use of technology, buildings are getting smarter and smarter. This is empowering both for investors and residents of those buildings. Cost savings and return on investments are prime win-win opportunities. In this podcast, Lena Benjamin Strategic Property Consultant at Benjamin Property Services and host of the Property Business Club Podcast explores The Smart Building.

Episode 12 of the Property Business Club Podcast

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Hello and welcome to the Property Business Club Podcast episode 12. I’m Lena Benjamin, strategic London and Kent property search consultant at Benjamin Property Services, sourcing and negotiating the purchase of real estate in prime and regeneration London and Kent areas with over 10 years of residential real estate experience. I’m also host of this podcast.

Today I’m going to be briefly talking about The Smart Building. A smart building or automated buildings is one that controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system. The days of constructing a building for shelter or a place to work is over. The building now requires a level of technology that can improve efficiencies. Smart building solutions utilises the new age of IoT or Internet of Things to control lighting or heating of a building in an automated way, by responding to its environment. This ultimately helps with cost reductions, profitability and productivity.

The smart building is a smart investment for the occupants tenants, employees and homeowners. Smart for business improving productivity and hence profitability both during and after its construction. And finally smart for the environment enabling and empowering the reduction of the carbon footprint which is becoming an important key performance indicator for real estate owners.

At Benjamin Property Services, when we source real estate for savvy investors, we’ll look at how to add value to the property for sell or let. We will advise the client about smart buildings to empower income generating opportunities. Get us involved in the sourcing of real estate in London and Kent visit benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk or email info@benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk. Call the 24 hour 7 day a week inquiry line on +44208720 6460.

I like to interview successful real estate professionals from around the world for the Property Business Club Podcast, you can schedule in the interview in your timezone by visiting benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/podcast. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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