Ep.2 Focus on real estate opportunities in Abbey Wood

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Episode 2 of the Property Business Club Podcast.

Strategic investors should be honing in on the Abbey Wood area part of Crossrail 1 Elizabeth line opening in December 2019 (now March 2021). At Benjamin Property Services we can actively market in this area including speaking to and negotiating favorable opportunities on buy-to-rent or buy-to-sell. This includes existing housing stock in the area that may be distressed.

Podcast Script

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Hello and welcome to the Property Business Club Podcast episode 2. I’m Lena Benjamin, founder of the Property Business Club with topical events and webinars in 2019 details of which can be found on benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/events. I’m also a strategic property search consultant and project manager at Benjamin Property Services – we find and develop off-market properties in London & Kent to transform them into income generating assets for company directors, corporate executives, family offices and other sophisticated investors. 

Today I’m going to be briefly talking about the wealth building opportunities in and around Abbey Wood station via Crossrail 1 on the Elizabeth line. According to the Crossrail website the new Elizabeth line, which opens from December 2019 (at time of completing this podcast, this date has now been moved), will be a service that runs every five minutes. The Elizabeth line will enable passengers to catch one train right through central London to Paddington, Heathrow or Reading in the west.

Abbey Wood is an area in the South East of London, England, within the London Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. I’d advise to go on the local government websites to familiarise yourself with the areas. I used to attend the University of Greenwich where I did a higher national diploma in business studies. The area has come along way since then. In fact most of the University areas where I studied have come along way.

Over 20 years ago I worked for the Local Economy Policy Unit which was part of London South Bank University. This experience provided me with an ability to understand the importance of the local community, the amenities and how the infrastructure empowers business and its residents. 

Strategic investors should be honing in on this area and at Benjamin Property Services we can actively market in this area including speaking to and negotiating favourable opportunities on buy-to-rent or buy-to-sell. This includes on existing stock in the area that may be distressed. 

The approach of talking and understanding is a real benefit to the world of real estate, it can help find win-win-win financially beneficial opportunities. It’s not just about the buildings but the people that live and work in an area. I found this was the case not only in the world of estate agency but working client-side on the buildings and infrastructure sector within a global Plc engineering consultancy firm. 

Since the Elizabeth line connects to Heathrow and goes into central London this will provide opportunities for business travellers and corporate executives and renters. There are a number of strategies we would recommend to our clients to capitalise on opportunities. I would recommend that you download the Five Wealth Property Strategies by going to .benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/team and filling in your details at the end of the page. The Five Wealth Property Strategies document will showcase key strategies that will help to build opportunities – literally!

I’d like to understand your strategic focus when building a property portfolio in London and/or Kent, you can schedule a mutually convenient free consultation in your timezone at benjaminpropertyservices.co.uk/schedule. Or send me an email

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