Ep.26 HMO London Property Investing Strategy

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The London House of Multiple Occupation Strategy Webinar part of the Topical London property investing strategy. Monthly 3rd Tuesday 7pm GMT 30min live webinar with Q&A. Achieve cashflow, profit or equity. Register at https://benjaminpropertyservices.eventbrite.co.uk. Listen to the audio version as episode 26 of the Property Business Club Podcast.

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This podcast provides property wealth building opportunities in the UK and Internationally. Together with a mix of thought leadership interviews with successful investors and wealth builders from around the world. Hosted by Lena Benjamin, with over 10 years of experience in property management, real estate and global multidisciplinary engineering consultancy. Visit BenjaminPropertyServices.co.uk/Podcast to schedule your remote podcast interview. Listen, leave a message and support the show at anchor.fm/propertybusiness