Property Business Club Membership

You now have the chance to become a Property Business Club member where you receive online access to UK real estate wealth resources via There are two options to become a member on a monthly or yearly basis. You will be able to switch from a monthly to yearly and still achieve the cost savings.

What do you get from the Property Business Club:

Exclusive and actionable content

By purchasing the membership you will have access to exclusive content that is not accessible to non-members. This content is specifically focused on providing that you can use to action for increasing your real estate wealth in the UK. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out – continuous professional development and learning are the keys to real estate wealth. All for just £8 a month that is likely to save you thousands and make you millions.

Off-Market Deal Alerts

As a member of the Property Business Club, you will automatically be added to the email distribution list. You will then receive updates on off-market deals sourced by us at Benjamin Property Services. Sourcing off-market ensures that only those that belong to the Property Business Club gain access to these income-generating deals. However, if you would like opportunities specific to your strategic requirements in London and Kent click to complete the New Client Property Brief.

Service Discounts

When you become a member of the Property Business Club you will receive discounts from the Services promoted on the Benjamin Property Services website. These discounts will typically appear within the exclusive and actionable content generated for Property Business Club members.

Become a Member

Purchase Monthly Plan £8 per month | Gift Monthly Plan

Purchase Annual Plan £88 per year | Gift Annual Plan 

Once you become a member you will automatically be included on the member’s email distribution list and will receive alerts about new content, off-market property deals, and service discounts.

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Benefit from over 10 years of residential landlord, real estate agency and built environment experience in London and Kent.