Residential focus on London zone 2

In order to review the residential focus for London zone 2, it would firstly be advisable to have a look at the stations that exist in the area, particularly for those that may be relocating from outside London and indeed the UK. Wikipedia has a list of stations here

For the purposes of this post, we will look at fours areas/stations to give you an overview of what you can expect. Further due diligence will be required particularly on any property search. 

Please note that we would cover all areas in any off-market property search, area tours or project managing refurbishments. However this article will look at the residential prospects for relocating or investing in the areas identified particularly for entrepreneurs, executives and family offices/businesses. 

Abbey Road

The area that is around Abbey Wood is a regeneration area with a number of developments and transportation links coming into effect including Crossrail at the time of writing. For the investor this is a great area to purchase. Any property search should involve long-term prospects of the area the economic activity and ability to be mobile and get from one part of London to another. The socio-demographic of the area consists of majority 30-44 years old of C1 social grade this means that any potential tenants will be of this age and will be part of the working-class population most likely to stay in the area for long-term rental income. Abbey Wood is in the London Borough of Greenwich  and Bexley with the postcode district of SE2.

Clapham (north)

Clapham is spilt into two north and south and for the purposes of this area description we’ll look at Clapham North. For those relocating either within the UK or outside Clapham North is a great prospect for a new home. It is a vibrant area filled with things to do with an abundance of restaurants and entrepreneurial and high-brow residents. Properties range from one bed to family homes. People within the area are social which allows for the opportunity to have conversations and get to know who’s who and what is what. This is highly desirable to establish connections for residential real estate opportunities in the area. Clapham North is in the London Borough of Lambeth and has a postcode district of SW.

Earls Court

In zone one as well as zone 2, Earls Court is in Kensington and Chelsea London borough. This borough is one of the most sort after for immigration tier one now innovator and startup immigration visa applicants. Earls Court in particular is well known for exhibitions and conferences. The area has a high concentration of flats / apartments within Victorian mansions. Earls Court London underground station is on the District and Piccadilly lines so there is wide access to central London from this particular station. Earls Court has a postcode district of SW5.


The London Borough of Greenwich houses Greenwich station with its historical overtones which includes the Cutty Sark a restored 19th century ship. The area has the modern O2 arena with shops, eateries, concerts and well-known exhibitions which have included the Mohammed Ali showcase of memorabilia. There is a mix of properties in the area from flats to 3 and 4 bedroom Victorian houses. There are also new homes and riverside flats that run along the North Greenwich Peninsula. Greenwich is also the benchmark for global timekeeping – GMT – Greenwich Mean Time! 

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