Residential focus on London zone 4

There are one-hundred and nineteen (119) stations to travel from in zone 4 – Abbey Wood to Worcester Park as detailed on Wikipedia here. In this article we will look at three areas and their stations to give you an overview of residential dwellings in those areas and the transportation to and from the areas. Further due diligence will be required particularly on any Property Search. If you are looking for a residential opportunity for relocation or investment, you may like to secure an Area Tour where we arrange accompanied tours of up to three pre-chosen London or Kent areas. During the full-day tour, you will be shown up to 5 example properties and provided with information on services, amenities and leisure activities within the areas.

Please note that we would cover all London zone 4 areas in any off-market property search, area tours or project managing refurbishments. However this article will look at the residential prospects for relocating or investing in the areas identified particularly for entrepreneurs, executives and family offices/businesses. 

Beckenham Junction

The railway station and the tram station is in the London borough of Bromley. The train runs to London Victoria, Bromley South and London Bridge via Crystal Palace. This area is predominately brimming with retirees and young families. However there is a now dominance of the local business and the high street although reducing in the number of estate agents and beauty salons has a number of enterprises focused on bringing business and opportunities to the area. With the rise of retirees and those leaving the country there are opportunities to purchase off-market with those that would prefer a more customised and win-win opportunity. The area around Beckenham Junction has a number of flats on the side roads and housing on the roads that lead off the high street. Meeting with prospective clients can happen by appointment only at the offices in Beckenham you can email or call Lena Benjamin on +44208-720-6460. 

Clock House

Clock House station goes into London Charing Cross in the City of Westminster which is by Trafalgar Square and the Institute of Directors where members do business. The properties surrounding the station are predominantly terraced houses of 3 or 4 bedroomed homes. The shops that are on the parade have morphed over the years to include eateries and beauty salons. There is currently a library, venues space for corporate events and a leisure centre in the area. An Area Tour would be an ideal opportunity to determine if this area proves beneficial for your needs whether you would like to purchase or rent in the area.

Kent House

Kent House station is just down the road from Clock House station and all stations are in the London borough of Bromley which Benjamin Property Services covers for off-market Property Search, Area Tours and Project Managing Refurbishments. The station goes into London Victoria as it is on the same line as Beckenham Junction. The station lines also goes into Bromley South and Orpington. The housing surrounding the station is on a private road and beyond that the housing are Victorian terraced and detached homes. 

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Most of the areas shown will be ripe for new off-market property deals to accommodate the freeholders struggling with mortgage payments and a lapse in wage risers. Additionally the housing can accommodate houses of multiple occupant refurbishments. If you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive or family office that is focused on relocating or investing in the London zone 3 get in touch for a no-obligation 15minute chat. The best thing about scheduling a consultation is that it can be done in your time zone, whether you are in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, here in the UK, Asia or Africa. Visit or send an email to Become a Client by completing the online form at

At Benjamin Property Services, we source between the value of £500,000 and £10,000,000. Area tours are from £195 to tour one area or £395 to tour three areas for the property search process. Perhaps Beckenham Junction, Clock House (Clockhouse) or Kent House will be one of the areas you would like to tour if in the UK ready to identify the areas for relocation or investment.

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